Elizabeth Heiter


Elizabeth has presented workshops to readers and writers at conferences, libraries, writers' groups, book clubs and more. Please see below for some of the types of workshops she presents and Contact Elizabeth to set up a visit.

Book Clubs: If your book club is reading one of Elizabeth's books, she is happy to either visit or Skype with the Book Club. You can find Book Club questions for all of her Profiler books on the individual book pages. Please contact her if you'd like additional materials.

Readers: Elizabeth has done presentations for readers on her books, the process of selling, what it's like to be a published author, and the research. Please contact her if you'd like a tailored presentation.

Writers: The Path to Published: Five Things You Should Be Doing Now: A common saying in writing circles is that selling a book is like being hit by lightning three times: right book, right editor, right time. Improve your chances by learning the five key things you should be doing right now to make that first sale.

Writing Credible FBI Characters: It's crucial that characters in fiction are realistic, or you risk losing your reader. This workshop will help you add realism to your FBI characters. It will cover the basics (the difference between the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, what the FBI investigates, the difference between FBI agents and other staff), how the FBI works (the Academy; headquarters, field offices and resident agencies; divisions, squads and partnerships; the leadership structure; FBI acronyms), investigations (when the FBI gets involved; how investigations work; joint investigations; fingerprints, labs and forensics; specialty units), and handcuffs, weapons and other tools of the trade (handcuffs, weapons, badges and credentials, Bucars, special rules and regs). It will also cover how to find more (and accurate!) information after the class ends.

Writing Credible Law Enforcement Characters: It's crucial that characters in fiction are realistic, or you risk losing your reader. This workshop will help you add realism to your law enforcement characters. It will cover the basics (which law enforcement agency you should be using for your story), how agencies work (the breakout of different law enforcement structures), how investigations work (when law enforcement gets involved, joint investigations, labs and forensics, specialty units), as well as other tools of the trade (handcuffs, weapons, special rules and regulations). It will also cover how to find more information after the workshop ends.

Understanding Point of View: First person or third? Deep POV or limited? Choosing a point of view for your novel and each individual scene is one of the most important decisions you will make in the writing process. Join us to learn the different types of POV and how to pick the right one for your story.

The Secrets to Killer Suspense: Creating a powerful thriller means blending the puzzle elements of a mystery with compelling characters, tension that keeps readers turning pages and an ending that makes them anxious for the next book! Join critically acclaimed and award-winning suspense and romantic suspense writer Elizabeth Heiter as she details the key elements of a killer suspense novel and how to make your suspense stand out!

Putting the Suspense in Your Romantic Suspense: Romance and suspense – separately, they have their own tensions and rewards. Together, they play off each another to amplify the page-turning effect. But it can be challenging to blend the two without falling into the traps of having a cookie-cutter and too-obvious mystery or ill-timed and unrealistic love scenes. When romantic suspense is done well, the two elements are so intertwined that you can't pull one out without destroying the flow of the book. But how do you combine them, still hit your word count, and keep both the suspense and the romance strong, believable and unique?

Write the Book: Writing a book has been your dream for a long time and now you're ready to take it seriously. You try to move forward, but you're just spinning your wheels. You don't understand how to make the leap from dreamer to author. You think, "I just can't find the time." Most published authors are just like you. They have the same 24 hours in each day and the same obligations—families, homes, full-time jobs, and furry friends. So how do they do it? The difference isn't time. It's mindset—one you can adopt, too. In this workshop, prolific author Elizabeth Heiter shows you how to reach your writing goals and finish the book, like the pro you've always known you can be.

Going from Idea to Finished Book (there is an adult and teen version of this workshop): You have a great idea for a book, but don't know where to go from here. In this workshop, award-winning and critically-acclaimed author Elizabeth Heiter offers tips and tricks to go from an idea to a finished novel.

Creating Your Fictional World (a presentation with author Robbie Terman; there is an adult and young adult version of this workshop): No matter what genre you write, you want the world you create to jump off the page and grab your reader. But how? Published authors Robbie Terman and Elizabeth Heiter will teach you how to build a world that comes alive, and create the right plot and characters for that world.

Crafting a Selling Query (a presentation with author Robbie Terman): The query letter is your first impression when trying to sell your book. Join published authors Elizabeth Heiter and Robbie Terman in this interactive workshop to learn the basics of creating a query letter that will catch the eyes of agents and editors. Be sure to bring a paper and pen to work on your own query letter. During the workshop, you'll get to see real query letters that sold and have your query critiqued.

So You Want to Write a Book: Part 1 – Learn the Craft (a presentation with author Robbie Terman): Do you have an idea for the next great American novel, but don't know how to get started? Join authors Elizabeth Heiter and Robbie Terman for an overview of craft basics. This session will cover creating dynamic characters, building a page-turning plot, and polishing your work until it shines. We'll also discuss basic writing guidelines you should know before you write page one. Bring your questions; there'll be time for Q&A.

So You Want to Write a Book: Part 2 – Publishing Primer (a presentation with author Robbie Terman): You've finished your book; now what? This session will review the different publishing options, including traditional, e-press, and self-publishing. We'll help you understand the submission process, including where to place your book, if you need an agent, and how to write a winning query and synopsis. By the time you leave, you'll know everything you need to make a sale.