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To help a desperate woman’s search, he’ll have to brave treacherous territory.

In the wilds of Alaska, grieving former marine Colter Hayes shuts out the world…until he and his combat tracker dog become Kensie Morgan’s last hope of finding her long-missing sister. The improbable mission starts to rekindle Colter’s desire to rejoin the world—while saving Kensie from a killer unsettles his heart. Can they find all they are searching for before it’s too late?

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Buzz for K-9 DEFENSE and Elizabeth Heiter:

K-9 Defense is a Publishers Weekly Mass Market Bestseller!

"K-9 Defense stands out not only for its superb, on-point research, but also for the pathos of watching damaged souls, man and animal, helping to heal each other. A one-sitting triumph of a read."

"Set in the Alaskan wilderness, K-9 Defense is a fast-paced and suspense-laden romance."
--Book Reviews and More by Kathy

"Oh, [K-9 Defense] hits hard. It is filled with emotions - regrets, survival guilt, emotional pain, expectations, hope, love, desire, fear - every moment of the tale counts as a peak as it is either in the hight of the suspense, in middle of an a-ha moment of growing, learning, and forgiving yourself, or in the midst of surviving the elements, or falling helplessly, completely, in love. This story kept me entertained and keen on finding out what happens next, so much so that I found it unputdownable."
-- Books and Spoons