Motive.  Means.  Opportunity.  They are the key components of most murder investigations.  But what happens when a crime has no apparent motive?  No logical suspects?  A crime that’s connected to other seemingly motiveless crimes?

This is where a profiler comes in.  A profiler can look at the crime scene – at clues to the perpetrator’s identity he doesn’t even know he left behind – and provide all kinds of details to help catch him.  Details like what kind of car the perpetrator drives, what sort of job he works, what kind of personality he has.  And maybe most importantly: how to catch him.

The heroine of my Profiler series, Evelyn Baine, is a profiler for the FBI’s elite Behavioral Analysis Unit.  It’s a job she picked when she was twelve years old, when her best friend disappeared.  She was never found and the dream of uncovering what happened to her has been the driving force in Evelyn’s life.

In the first book in the series, HUNTED, Evelyn gets what looks like a typical serial killer case to profile.  Except when she arrives at the crime scene, the behavioral evidence seems contradictory.  But it does tell her the killer has struck before, and unless they stop him, he’ll strike again.  As she digs deeper into the case, the serial killer she’s tracking begins to track her too.  This time, it may be Evelyn’s turn to disappear…

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