Back when I wrote the original Lawmen series (DISARMING DETECTIVE, SEDUCED BY THE SNIPER and SWAT SECRET ADMIRER), I knew that I might want to write more spinoff books someday. The perfect person to spin off the series with was Scott Delacorte’s partner in the Hostage Rescue Team, Andre Diaz. In SEDUCED BY THE SNIPER, Andre helped Scott protect Chelsie Russell when she came under fire after her very first negotiation job went bad.

To write The Lawmen: Bullets and Brawn series, I needed to connect Andre to other characters who would get their own books. When I created the original Lawmen series, all I knew was that Andre was going to have two foster brothers who also worked in law enforcement. Once I began planning the new series, I had to figure out who they were and what challenges they’d face!

I decided that Andre and his two brothers, Cole Walker and Marcos Costa, had all spent years in foster care before ending up in a foster home together. They had a few years of a true, brotherly bond before their foster home caught on fire and the three of them were separated. When Cole turned eighteen and was kicked out of the foster system, he worked two jobs to buy a home where he could bring Andre and Marcos when they hit eighteen. Years later, after Cole was a police detective, Andre joined the FBI and Marcos joined the DEA, new information surfaced about what really tore them apart years ago.

Now, as the brothers each fall in love, they’re also dealing with the secret of their past…and a fire that may have been more than a simple accident. In BODYGUARD WITH A BADGE, Andre shows up to a hostage situation and after rescuing Juliette Lawson, she promptly takes him hostage! He discovers she’s on the run from a dangerous ex-husband and his options are to turn her in – or disregard his FBI team and help her. In POLICE PROTECTOR, Cole has recently convinced forensics expert Shaye Mallory to return to work after a drive-by shooting scared her away a year ago. Then, she’s targeted again, and Cole will do whatever it takes to figure out who’s after her – and to keep her safe. In SECRET AGENT SURRENDER, Marcos is deep undercover in a drug lord’s hideout in the Appalachian mountains when he runs into someone from his past. His first crush, Brenna Hartwell, could destroy his cover and get him killed – or she could be the answer to everything he’s always wondered about his past.

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