When I decided to write a proposal for a romantic suspense series, I knew I wanted to write about more FBI characters. I knew that just like my Profiler series, these stories would still have complex mysteries and loads of suspense, but that they’d also need a much heavier dose of romance. And I knew I wanted a compelling backstory.

As I was trying to come up with that backstory, I came up with a title I loved: “Catch and Release.” It was originally going to be the name of the third book in this series (it’s now SWAT SECRET ADMIRER), but that failed title was the impetus for the series. All of a sudden, I had my backstory: a serial rapist who abducts one woman a year, brands her, and then lets her go.

Ten years ago, that woman was Maggie Delacorte, the first victim of the Fishhook Rapist. But Maggie didn’t let that day destroy her; instead, she made a pact with her older brother, Scott, and their best friend, Ella Cortez. Throw away their plans for the future and instead join the FBI. Stop things like this from happening to others.

From that, The Lawmen series was born! In DISARMING DETECTIVE, homicide detective Logan Greer brings FBI profiler Ella Cortez a case she can’t refuse – one that could be connected to her friend’s attacker. When she travels to the Florida coast to hunt him down, she finds herself baited by killer willing to do whatever it takes to hide a deadly secret. In SEDUCED BY THE SNIPER, FBI negotiator Chelsie Russell’s search for the truth about a massacre sends her into the arms of Hostage Rescue Team sniper Scott Delacorte, and into the crosshairs of two very powerful men. In SWAT SECRET ADMIRER, FBI SWAT agent Maggie Delacorte’s hunt for the rapist who attacked her puts both her and the teammate who can’t resist her (Grant Larkin) into the net of a cunning predator.

The stories will continue with a second trilogy in the Lawmen series, beginning with Scott Delacorte’s partner at the Hostage Rescue Team, Andre Diaz. Andre and his two foster brothers were torn apart as children, ripped from the home where they’d finally formed a brotherhood. Years later, Andre and his brothers, Cole Walker (a police detective) and Marcos Costa (a DEA agent) discover the secret that separated them and find love stories of their own.

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