Behind the Series: The Dogs of The K-9 Alaska Series

When I sold the first book in my K-9 Alaska series, K-9 DEFENSE, I had no idea that it would turn into a series. But by the time I finished writing the story, I knew I wanted to write more. More stories set in my fictional remote northern interior Alaskan town, and definitely more books featuring furry companions. READ MORE

Behind the Series: The Tactical Crime Division Multi-Author Miniseries

An ensemble cast. Different authors writing each story. One FBI unit of crime-solving experts. READ MORE

Behind the Series: The Lawmen: Bullets and Brawn Series

Back when I wrote the original Lawmen series (DISARMING DETECTIVE, SEDUCED BY THE SNIPER and SWAT SECRET ADMIRER), I knew that I might want to do more spinoff books someday. The perfect person to spin off the series with was Scott Delacorte’s partner in the Hostage Rescue Team, Andre Diaz. In SEDUCED BY THE SNIPER, Andre helped Scott protect Chelsie Russell when she came under fire after her very first negotiation job went bad. READ MORE

Author Interview

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

The short answer? Yes! I honestly can’t remember a time I wasn’t buried in books – either reading or writing them. Before I could write, I was telling stories (and asking for stories to be told to me). In high school, I co-wrote my first completed manuscript (a young-adult action-adventure story) with the author who’s my critique partner to this day. Now, I’m thrilled to see my stories in bookstores, and I hope to never stop READ MORE

Behind the Series: The Lawmen Series

When I decided to write a proposal for a romantic suspense series, I knew I wanted to write about more FBI characters. I knew that just like my Profiler series, these stories would still have complex mysteries and loads of suspense, but that they’d need a much heavier dose of romance. And I knew I wanted a compelling backstory. READ MORE

FBI Speak: What Those Acronyms Mean

The FBI loves its acronyms! And since many of my characters work for the Bureau, so do I! But what do they all mean? READ MORE

Behind the Series: The Profiler Series

Motive.  Means.  Opportunity.  They are the key components of most murder investigations.  But what happens when a crime has no apparent motive?  No logical suspects?  A crime that’s connected to other seemingly motiveless crimes? READ MORE

Behind the Scenes: Research for The Profiler Series

I love researching new books. I love learning details I wasn’t even looking for when I started. And when I had the opportunity to visit the FBI Academy at Quantico, I learned that I shouldn’t have worn a skirt and heels. Why? Because they let me shoot on their firing range. And although it turns out I can hit a target just fine wearing heels, it’s probably easier to brace yourself against the kick of a shotgun in flats! READ MORE