Short story in The Night of the Flood anthology

It happened the night Maggie Wilbourne was to be put to death, the first woman executed by the state of Pennsylvania in modern times. That was when a group of women, known as the Daughters, who were passionately protesting Maggie’s imprisonment struck. They blew up a local dam, flooding the town of Everton and indirectly inspiring a hellish night of crime and chaos.

Fourteen of today’s most exciting crime fiction writers will take you to the fictional town of Everton, with stories from criminals, cops, and civilians that explore the thin line between the innocent and the guilty, the rich and the poor, the insider and the outsider. Whether it’s a store owner grimly protecting his property from looters, an opportunistic servant who sees her time to strike, or two misguided youths taking their anger out against any available victim, THE NIGHT OF THE FLOOD is an intricate and intimate examination of the moment when chaos is released–in both society and the human spirit.

Includes stories from Elizabeth Heiter, Rob Brunet, Gwen Florio, J.J. Hensley, Jennifer Hillier, Shannon Kirk, Sarah M. Chen, Wendy Tyson, E.A. Aymar, Jenny Milchman, Angel Colon, Mark Edwards, Alan Orloff, Hilary Davidson, and an introduction from bestseller Hank Phillippi Ryan.


“Each of the 14 varied and fitfully amusing stories in this solid anthology takes as its starting point the destruction of a dam and the subsequent flooding of Everton, PA. Aymar and Chen deserve kudos for putting together a distinctive anthology.”
– Publishers Weekly

“An impressive collection of stories from some of the most talented writers working in the crime genre today.”
– BOLO Books Review

“[A] multifaceted and intensifying foray involving a bevy of characters that weaves troubling times in and out with each segment that will leave you eager for more…”
– Dru’s Book Musings

“A brave concept brilliantly executed.”
– #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Child

“A brilliant, multi-leveled concept, Faulknerian in its structure. A novel in stories. Wow. Fourteen new exciting crime writers create a rare three-dimensional mosaic of a doomed town and the night hell flooded through it. Terrifically exciting. Wonderfully inventive.”
– David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of Murder As a Fine Art

“Plenty of complex characters and hard edges. Take a breath, then hang on and enjoy this entertaining romp.”
– New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry

“A stormy thriller that will leave you wanting more from these brilliant authors.”
– Sandra Brannan, author of the Liv Bergen mystery series