K-9 Alaska series, Book 3

Two bombs in six days…and the culprit isn’t finished.

With the help of his K-9 companion, Patches, FBI victim specialist Jax Diallo vows to help police chief Keara Hernandez solve the attacks rocking their Alaskan community. Evidence suggests the crimes are connected to her husband’s long-unsolved murder. And the strikes are becoming more personal. When dodging bullets becomes a daily event, Jax risks everything to keep his beautiful new partner from meeting a violent end…

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K-9 Cold Case is a Publishers Weekly bestseller!

“Heiter doesn’t waste a single word in stitching together the fabric of a taut tale that never lets up or lets us down. Big and accomplished storytelling wrapped up in a small package.”
Providence Journal

“K-9 Cold Case by Elizabeth Heiter is one of her best books yet…This story has everything including action scenes, great characters, and some romance. It has a gripping and intense plot that put readers on the edge of their seats along with the slow burn romance.”
– Crimespree Magazine

“K-9 Cold Case is a clever mystery with an interesting storyline. The characters are engaging and their reactions and issues ring true. Patches is a wonderful dog who will steal readers’ hearts. The Alaskan setting springs vibrantly to life. With an unexpected plot twist, Elizabeth Heiter brings this incredible mystery to a breathtaking conclusion. Old and new fans do not want to miss newest addition to the outstanding K-9 Alaska series.”
– Book Reviews & More by Kathy